Greatest Hits

The Blonde Coyote watching over the Earthship

In the past year I’ve written over 300 (!) posts and my Archives are getting pretty unruly.  If you’re new to the Blonde Coyote or just looking for a great read check out these Greatest Hits!

A Friend In Wounded Knee

A Place That I Used To Know

Adventures With Amy

Back to the Turquoise Trail * Freshly Pressed

Because It’s There

Cowboys Are My Weakness

Crossing Paths: Bobcat! * Freshly Pressed

Dead Horses of Dead Horse Point * Freshly Pressed

Desert Treasure: Tres Pietras Cabins

Dog, Memory

Explosions in the Sky: Pawnee National Grasslands

Filly Lost & Found

Finding D.O.G.

Flash Flood! 

Galisteo Love Letter

Ghosts of Outlaws Past

Grand Canyon: Day 1- Hermit Trail

Grand Canyon: Day 2- Monument Creek to the Colorado River

Grand Canyon: Day 3- The Tonto Bench & the Weight of Water

Grand Canyon: Day 4- Plateau Point

Grand Canyon: Day 5- Bright Angel Snowstorm! 

Happy Birthday, Machu Picchu

Healing Horses

Hiking With Dogs

How To Wrangle A Rattlesnake

How To Wrestle An Alligator

Into the Ojito Wilderness

Lessons Learned from a 99 Cent Poncho

The Loneliest Road In America

Losing Middle America

The Lost & Found Coast

May Your Boulders Be Your Blessings

Monsters of Navajoland

My Billy the Kid Connection

My Favorite Mountain

Oh Canada: Friends in High Places

The Lost Art of Hitchhiking

On Turning 30

Playing Nice At (Not So) Delicate Arch


Professional Housesitter, At Your Service

Return To Rocking Horse

Road Tripping Rules!

Rodeo Americana * Freshly Pressed

The Teardroop Sees America!

Trespassing in Canyon de Chelley

Tweeting A Top Ten Sunset

Urban Petroglyphs & Geologic Unrest

Walking Maine Winter

The Weight of Water * Freshly Pressed

Where We Love Is Home

Wonderful Life: Hike to the Burgess Shale

Writing on the Wall: San Francisco vs. MOMA

Writing on the Wall: Navajoland

Follow the Blonde Coyote and see more of the world…

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