Dead Juniper at Dead Horse Point, Utah

Love the look of the Blonde Coyote? Got a blank space on your wall? Prints are available for any of the photos that appear on the Blonde Coyote!

If you see a photo you’d love to have or give to a friend, send me an email at with the caption/ title and the post in which it appears and I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal. I’m sorry I don’t have nifty little “buy now!” buttons to click, I’m just not that e-commerce savvy. I much prefer communicating with real people anyway. :)

Any of my photos on the Blonde Coyote, my website or my Flickr account are fair game. If you’re looking for a shot of some place in particular – a place you’ve been or would like to go – just ask! I probably have it!

High quality, archival, 8 by 10 prints are $25 each, including shipping and handling. Larger prints and posters are available as well:

11 by 14 for $75
16 by 20 for $100
20 by 30 for $150
Thanks for supporting your favorite coyote! Cheers, Mary

Colorado River, Self Portrait

Great Sand Dunes D.O.G.

Jeans & Boots, Chaps & Spurs

13 Responses to Prints

  1. Ken Conley says:

    What a great blog, very well done andvery informative. I am glad Dio made it through July 4th, have a great time in Canada. I have decided not to do Alaska this year due to the weather, but I will be doing Canada to see Jasper, Banff, and will revisit Glacier.

  2. ala says:

    hi! i’m from Poland and i adore your blog. Photos are amazing and places that you visit are breathtaking! Why don’t you try to visit Poland?:) I wish you all the best!

  3. Rebecca Ann says:

    your blog is beautiful.

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  5. I love the layout and the colours of your blog. Also the name is really unique and original. I love your blog! How do you get such good photos?! Amazing…

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  11. Elke E. says:

    Great images! Would you be so kind as to email me regarding the possibility of online use? Thanks!

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