The Blonde Coyote is not for sale.

This blog of mine must have hit some kind of tipping point recently, because my inbox has been filling up with requests for advertising on the Blonde Coyote. Thanks for your interest, but I do not allow ads, links or guest posts on this site.

As a photographer, the visual impact of these pages is too important to me to clutter them with ads, but on a more philosophical level, I am able to live the life that I live in large part because I don’t buy stuff/crap/things and I cannot, in good conscience, sell them on my blog.

Thanks for reading! Want to support your favorite Coyote? Buy a print!  🙂

6 Responses to Advertising

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  2. clarice says:

    I’ve been putting off leaving a response for months, as internet and camping don’t work for me. I read your blog, a random search for camping on NF and BLM lands, finding some of the most useful info on your site concerning dispersed. I picked up an atlas you recommended, inspired to explore those numbered roads, packed my CRX HF like a boat, and off I went, through California’s Cleveland, Los Padres, Stanislaus, and Inyo national forests. Most recently I had an entire sweeping ridge on the North rim of the Grand Canyon to myself. For days. So beautiful I had to hide from it for half of one. Revisiting your site today, holed up at my in-laws where wind can only be seen not heard or felt but the internet flows 4 bars heavy, I pulled up your blog again, to thank you. First though, to reacquaint, I read the wonderful essay on desert deluge (I’m scouting the feel of the high desert–do we want to move to a place like this and build our homestead–so the water collection info was especially interesting, as the phenomenological transformation of the landscape). Then, considering where to leave a reply, scanning the page links, “Advertising” gave me great pause. Would I be responding to this young woman’s blog after all? Then cried. It’s a beautiful entry, with a beautiful image of your blonde coyote friend, obvious that the trust between the two of you left will be left uncompromised. Thank you for all. I am looking forward to reading your posts on NM as I’m heading there shortly.

    PS: The shots of the Teardrop’s interior that were recently added are really wonderful too–I awoke designing a “Crocodile Teardrop” (kind of a Teardrop Murphy that the CRX might be able to haul, but I think I’ll stick with my tent for a spell! 🙂

  3. Matt D. says:

    Wow! Perfect!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hrosson says:

    You madam, are badass! I am so glad I found your blog. I will be embarking this year on some travelling myself. Hoping to find all those secret wild camping spots that others have been finding for decades. You are an inspiration for those of us who are seeking a radically different way of living, on terms that we make up as we go along. THANK YOU!

  5. jim says:

    Can you tell me what atlas or other resource you use. I read it in one of your post but I can’t find it now. I want to do some trips in the spring and would like to start planning now. Thank you.

  6. Pageoan says:

    How do you do it? …Travel from place to place with such freedom? I love it. What are your thoughts and plans for children and retirement? …Share your view and knowledge please. I am in love with the life style and want to make that type of move, even if its for only a year.

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