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High Points on My Horizons: Hermit Peak

For this, my third summer on the road with the Teardrop, I really have no plan. I think I’ll head in the general direction of Oregon – through Utah and Nevada and then circle back through Idaho, Montana and Wyoming … Continue reading

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Repost: Memorial Day Weekend on the Loneliest Road In America

Hey Everybody! I’m feeling much better and back on the road in northern New Mexico, hoping to come across another Memorial Day community BBQ in some small town. I’ll be posting soon about climbing Hermit Peak and hiking in and … Continue reading

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Teardrop Trouble: Between a Rover and a Hard Place

Some lessons you learn the hard way. I’ve always wanted a vehicle that can take me all the way to the end of any road. Since getting my 1996 Land Rover Disco last summer, I’ve gotten a little cocky about where … Continue reading

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Into the Dark Canyon Wilderness!

  Backpacking is the perfect recipe for misery: the majority of the trip you’re tired, sore, hungry and thirsty. Not only are you hiking long distances, day after day, over varying terrain, you’re doing it all with a 20 to 30 pound … Continue reading

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Filly Lost & Found: A Mother’s Day Post

Two years ago, in Wyoming, one of my childhood dreams came true. Somewhat lost on back roads, searching for Butch Cassidy’s Outlaw Cave in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, I happened to look off to the side of the red … Continue reading

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