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New Feature Column in Eos: Climbing the Occasionally Cataclysmic Cascades

I’ve been writing a lot for Eos magazine and last fall, I talked my editors into starting a new feature column called Living in Geologic Time, “a series of personal accounts that highlight the past, present, and future of famous … Continue reading

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Adventure Rigs Should Go On Adventures!

For the past three years I’ve been traveling spring, summer and fall in a 1990 Toyota camper truck named Jerry Odyssey Americano. This whole time, with a few weekend camping trip exceptions, my beloved Teardrop trailer “The Rattler” has been … Continue reading

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Aerial Geology: The Wave!

In a landscape littered with bizarre sandstone formations, the Wave on the border between Utah and Arizona stands out as downright psychedelic. Here colorful petrified sand dunes have been sculpted into undulating waves, photographs of which are so coveted that … Continue reading

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Never Say Never Bridger

Living and skiing in Big Sky, Montana, we often see a bumper sticker that says “Never Bridger”, a cheeky dig at Bridger Bowl ski area north of Bozeman. Bridger is less than a two-hour drive from Big Sky, but it’s … Continue reading

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Aerial Geology: San Rafael Reef

In geologic terms, the San Rafael Swell is an anticline: a fold in the Earth’s crust that looks like a dome in cross-section. The Swell formed between 60 and 40 million years ago, when the Rocky Mountains were rising to … Continue reading

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Aerial Geology: The Dragon’s Back

Northwest New Mexico is one of the driest places in the country – the region gets less than 12 inches of rain a year, most of it during the late summer monsoon season. But despite the aridity, this desert is … Continue reading

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Aerial Geology: Alaska’s Malaspina Glacier

Glaciers are essentially rivers of ice but they can take many shapes depending on the underlying topography. The almost perfectly round Malaspina Glacier in southern Alaska is the largest piedmont glacier in the world – larger than the state of Rhode … Continue reading

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Aerial Geology: Quebec’s Pingualuit Crater

Northern Quebec is laced with over half a million lakes, formed by water pooling on top of the ubiquitous bedrock of the Canadian Shield, the geologic core of North America. One of these lakes, however, stands out from all the … Continue reading

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A Total Eclipse in the Heart of the Winds

Last week, I spent five days in the Wind River Range in Wyoming, one of the most remote and dramatic mountain ranges in North America and one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Add in a once-in-three-lifetimes-event – a … Continue reading

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Lone Peak Love Letter: My Favorite Christmas Tree Laccolith!

Last September, the day the manuscript for my book was due to the publisher, I left my desk and hiked up my backyard peak, running over every memorized word on my way up the mountain. By 11,166 feet, I decided it … Continue reading

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