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Professional housesitter, at your service…

Paying rent is for suckers. Since finishing college in 2005, I have lived in nine states on both coasts and have only signed one lease (when I was in Baltimore for a year for grad school). My secret? Housesitting! I … Continue reading

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Rattlesnake Wrangling!

In April, I returned to Cerrillos, New Mexico after almost exactly a year away and it felt like coming home. I had originally planned to stay for a month, but I quickly realized I wasn’t ready to leave the Land … Continue reading

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Travels with Bowie and D.O.G.

I take a lot of pictures when I travel and my favorites usually turn out to be the ones with my dogs, Bowie and Dio. Without the dogs it’s just a pretty picture. But with them it’s a place I’ve … Continue reading

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Roadtripping Rules!

Everybody, at least once in their lives, should road trip across the United States. Say what you will about this country, politically, ethically, or spiritually, but geographically, America is an amazing place. Take at least two weeks to cross, stick … Continue reading

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Introducing… Travels with the Blonde Coyote!

Follow the Blonde Coyote Until very recently, I resisted starting a blog. I already make my living at the keyboard as a freelance science and travel writer and I didn’t want to commit to spending any more of my time … Continue reading

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