All Seasons: Tucquan Glen

I go for a hike almost every day and cover a lot of the same ground, over and over, in all weather and in all seasons. Exploring new terrain is always exciting, but there is something deeply satisfying about getting to know a trail and the landscape on foot. When I hike, my camera is almost always around my neck and I’ve come to notice that along well-known trails I often stop to take photos from nearly the exact same spots. By following my artist’s eye for lining up a balanced shot, I’ve amassed a collection of photos of the same scenes, taken from the same spots, at different times of the year, all over the country. I call this series “All Seasons”.

Susquehanna Dogs, Tucquan Glen, Summer

Same exact spot in Winter

Of all the trails I have walked in my life, Tucquan Glen in Pequea, Pennsylvania is probably the one I have walked for the longest span of time. One of the crown jewels of eastern Pennsylvania, the trail follows Tucquan Creek through old growth woods, past turn-of-the-century ruins, climbs up and over rippled metamorphic cliffs, then back down to the shores of the mighty Susquehanna River. Take a swim or skip a few rocks before looping back; the return route winds below the cliffs, alongside the clear creek, which runs fast over huge schist boulders. Each time it rains hard, the boulders shift and the waterfalls change course ever so slightly. In the decade and a half that I’ve been hiking this trail, Tucquan Creek has evolved before my eyes.

Tucquan was one of the first trails I ever hiked on a regular basis and it’s still one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Now that I live on the road, whenever I pass through Pennsylvania, I always make a point of visiting Tucquan. I take a lot of solo hikes, but this trail has always been a place to share with friends and family. My brother, sister and I have hiked here together as children, teenagers and now 20-somethings and I’ve brought many friends here; this was the first place I took my dog Bowie after I adopted him.

Here’s to Tucquan Glen, in All Seasons:

My Sister, Tucquan Spring

My Brother, Tucquan Winter

The Crossing, Early Spring

The Crossing, Summer

The Crossing, Winter

Clifftop Sitting Spot, Early Spring

Clifftop Sitting Spot, Late Fall

Tucquan Creek, Spring

Tucquan Creek, Summer

Tucquan Creek, Winter

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