Another City, Another Cathedral-Eye View

Notre Dame Cathedral in Strassbourg, France

Another city, another spectacular view from the top of a Cathedral, this time in Strassbourg, France. This is how to see Europe: through the slits carved in spiral stone staircases, from the summit of these tremendous stone monuments. From on high, Strassbourg appeared old, ramshackle and very French. From there we plotted a route through five hundred year old neighborhoods to walk beneath thousand year old sycamores on the banks of the Rhine.

City in the Cathedral's Shadow

Top of the Bell Tower

Ancient Door Knocker in the Wind

Mortons at the Overlook

Copper Roof, Stained Glass & Spires

Flying Buttresses

Strasbourg, or Strassbourg in German, is the namesake inspiration for my hometown of Strasburg, Pennsylvania. The two cities don’t even remotely resemble each other, but the countryside is reminiscent of eastern Pennsylvania, with it’s rolling farmland and wooded hills. There’s no place (that kinda looks) like home… 🙂

Mortons on the Staircase. Photo by Nik.

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  1. Orel Di Angelo says:

    Nice pictures! The city is written Strasbourg :). Happy New Year.

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