Striking Desert Treasure

Desert Bowling Pins

Today’s find on my daily desert walk was considerably better than yesterday’s. I’ll take random bowling pins over a dead dog any day. I posted a notice about the dog on the local list-serve:

Sad find today: a dead dog in an arroyo near the Galisteo Dam. Looked like an old dog, medium-shaggy coat, black with some white on his chest and grey on his face. Blue collar but no tag. Looked peaceful. No other footprints nearby. I thought you might repost in case somebody is missing their dog. I took a photo if somebody wants to make an ID, but I’m not going to post it. Thanks.

So far, no word. Probably an old dog that wandered off into the desert to die. If there’s somebody out there wondering what happened to their good ol’ dog, hopefully I can give them some peace of mind. Animals know when it’s their time and this isn’t a bad place to go (don’t worry I won’t post the sad photo here either!):

My Angelic Dogs in the Big Arroyo

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Update: I got an email this morning from somebody south of Madrid who has been missing his dog since November. I sent him the photo and it is his old dog Taka. I’m going to take him to her this afternoon so he can bury her at his place. She must have walked miles to end up here. I’m glad I was able to find her people. Sounds like she was a loved dog who had a good, long life.

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  1. TBM says:

    Bowling pins are a strange find.

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