Art Runs in the Family

Flight of the Blackbirds by Sarah McRae Morton

Tomorrow I’m flying home to Pennsylvania for a special occasion: my sister’s annual show at Red Raven Gallery in Lancaster, PA! Sarah has always been a painter, since childhood, and now she makes her living as a full time artist. Her work is exquisite; it never ceases to amaze my what my little sister can do with paint on canvas.

A Painter's To Do List

Here are a few photos of Sarah painting in the loft of our parents’ barn in Strasburg, which she converted into a studio. Sarah now lives in Germany, but this loft will always be a special place for all of us.

Sarah At Work

High Ceilings, Old Floors

My Brother's Music, My Sister's Paintings

The Barn Aisle, Decked out with Sarah's paintings for her wedding

There's No Place Like Home

Click here to see more of Sarah’s art. If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area, Sarah’s show opens this Friday at Red Raven, 138 N. Price Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her paintings can also be purchased through the Red Raven website.

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  3. Bret Sidler says:

    Hello! Discovered the art of Sarah McRae Morton several months ago, when visiting Red Raven Gallery. Her paintings blew me away! She was home from Germany a few weeks later, and my wife and I met with her to talk about a commission. Fast forward to last week. I am a road tripper/rock climber who”s been thinking of moving from my sleeping pad to a teardrop camper (I’m no longer a Spring chicken!) and while perusing the web, came across your fantastic blog. Then I noticed your name. No friggin way! Serendipity! ( At least this is what I tell my wife while trying to convince her that a teardrop is a good purchase!) Really enjoying reading your blog! Take care, safe journeys, and keep on keepin on!

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