Travels With Bowie & D.O.G.: Arizona

Becky & Bowie in Monument Valley, Arizona

In the past six years, my dogs and I have seen a lot of this country. I take a lot of photos when I travel and my favorites are usually the shots with my border collie mixes Bowie and Dio (short for D.O.G.). Without the dogs, it’s just a pretty picture, but with them  it’s a place I’ve been, a place I know and love. From time to time I’ll post some of my favorite photos on here from my travels with Bowie and D.O.G. Today: Arizona!

This morning, I’m hitting the trail into the Grand Canyon! Dogs aren’t allowed on most National Park trails, so the boys are back in New Mexico, staying with a friend. I’ll miss them, but the Grand Canyon is worth leaving them behind and I have to say, I’m glad I won’t have to carry food and water for them on this trek! Bowie and Dio have seen a lot of Arizona and we’ll be seeing more this spring on a southern Southwest road trip!

Oak Creek Canyon D.O.G.

Sedona Fall Dogs

Tuba City Dinosaur Trackway D.O.G.

Dead End Dogs

This isn’t the first Arizona hike where I’ve left the boys behind. Check out photos from Meteor Crater, Walnut Canyon National Monument and the Wupatki Ruins as well as my previous posts the Monsters of Navajoland and On the Road Again, Arizona & Route 66!

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  1. My fave is Sedona Fall Dogs. What a beautiful photo! One thing I like is that your dogs get to be outside and enjoy plenty of fresh air and excersise–none of this cooping them up in a concrete pad outdoor run or inside a house all day. I think your dogs love being your dogs!

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