Teardrop Dreams

On Saturday, I saw something so cool, I’ve been fantasizing about it ever since: a teardrop travel trailer!

CampInn Teardrop Trailer

The front has a queen-sized sleeping compartment and the back is kitchen/ galley/ storage space! With the right building materials, Teardrops are light enough to be towed by motorcycles and lightweight cars. A mechanic friend of mine assures me the Subaru can handle a Teardrop, no problem, with probably less reduction in gas efficiency than with my rooftop carrier.

I’ve been scheming about spending the summer on the road and a place to sleep,  read and work comfortably, out of the weather, and the space to cook real meals would really help make living on the road more enjoyable and sustainable. It might even be cheaper, if it means fewer hotels and restaurants. New models are fancy and pricey, but I’ve found a handful of used Teardrops on Craigslist for less than $3,000.

Not quite as snazzy as Steinbeck’s Rocinante, but I think this could be the next big thing for my ever evolving life on the road! Stay tuned… 🙂

About theblondecoyote

Mary Caperton Morton is a freelance science and travel writer with degrees in biology and geology and a master’s in science writing. A regular contributor to EARTH magazine, where her favorite beat is the Travels in Geology column, she has also written for the anthologies Best Women's Travel Writing 2010 and Best Travel Writing 2011. Mary is currently based in western Colorado. When she’s not at the computer she can usually be found outside -- hiking, skiing, climbing mountains and taking photographs. Visit her website at www.marycapertonmorton.com.
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16 Responses to Teardrop Dreams

  1. You could stop at truck stops for showers… I’m sure you’ve already got that figured out. That trailer is tiny! But, yes, just a place to sleep, and then, cook your food would save beaucoup bucks! Cool!

  2. I love the retro look of the tear drop trailers. We just got a new little travel trailer, albeit a bit larger (20′ Holiday Rambler ION) . We are sure enjoying the comfort and freedom it allows. Not exactly real green as it does decrease our already mediocre gas mileage in our 2001 1/2 ton Silverado……..what ever turns your crank, go for it…..en theos……jim

  3. Max Reynolds says:

    Good choice. I have looked at the same thing and am saving for one.

  4. kzackuslheureux says:

    These are super-sweet! I prefer a Volkswagon camper vans, or oh my goodness, a toyota or Datsun camper WOWZERS! But these are just so darn cute! Good Luck!

  5. Thanks everybody! When you know, you know and this is Love. I’m definitely making this happen! I made an appointment to get a tow hitch installed on the Subaru. Then I’ll be able to check out a couple of the Teardrops I’ve found on Craigslist and hopefully bring one home! 😀

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  9. So glad to see what your teardrop is like. My husband and I are thinking of doing some extensive road trips and have looked into tent trailers, but most of them are too heavy for our Subaru Forester. Maybe teardrop would be right for us, also.

    • My Subaru has towed the Teardrop for over 20,000 miles now and hasn’t complained at all! My trailer weighs around 500 empty and I doubt I have 100 pounds of stuff in it so it’s well under the Impreza’s 2,000-pound towing limit. If you have any specific questions about the Teardrop lifestyle, feel free to email me! I’m loving it! Cheers, Mary theblondecoyote@gmail.com

      • Hello! I just bought my own “Frog House” Tear drop last Sat! Then I found your blog. I have been wanting to see more of the USA all my adult life..now at just shy of 65 I’m going to do this, just me and my border terrier. My plan is to do short treks of maybe 2-3 weeks. I’ve done lots of camping over the years but this will be different more comfortable! I’m driving a Rav4 4 cylinder and wondered how these Little Guys haul in wind and inclement weather? My first earth bound flight leaves close to the beginning of May. Western states north or east from San Diego to get to PNW states. Then home again. I will be filling your blog for inspiration! Thanks, BntheBizzyBoy

      • Hi B! Thanks for the comment. Sorry it has taken me awhile to get back to you. I was int he Grabnd Canyon last week and I’m playing catch up. Congrats on your Teardrop! I’d love to see pix. I’ll send you an email. I’ve never had any problems hauling my Teardrop with my Subaru in bad weather. It’s very aerodynamic. If it’s pouring, I usually pull over anyway, whether I’m towing or not. SD sounds like a great home base! Have fun and keep in touch! Cheers, M

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  12. Piefoot says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of using a teardrop camper for more than 2 years. My son and I are planning to attend the “20th Dam Gathering of the Tears” on Lake Shasta in Northern California in Early may. This will give me the chance to look at all the teardrops and decide once and for all if it will work for my needs. They will be building a complete teardrop trailer during this 4-day event from start to finish. I’m particularly drawn to watching at least some of this build as I plan to build my own. We’ll see how it goes. have fun with yours. It looks like a nice one.

    • Bea Pludow says:

      Thanks so much for this information, it gives me energy to go out and meet more folks that are doing this! I think the Baby Boomers, like myself, must be a large part of this group of travelers? My Mother is 84, and jealous in a loving way, of my new Trekking. I get my gypsy ways from her. I’m so excited to get On the Road Again, hmm sounds like a song, don’t ya know!
      I would love to take my “Dog Behavior Training” Skills on the road, to pay for my trips! Anyone have an idea?

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