Awesome Reader Tip of the Day: Vedauwoo Rocks, WY!

Snowy, misty Medicine Bow National Forest

Like all bloggers, I love getting comments from readers, especially when they give me hot tips for things to see and places to go on the road! After my Pawnee National Grasslands story the other day, one of my readers said “Hey! You’re almost in my neighborhood. You should definitely check out Vedauwoo Rocks in southeast Wyoming!”

Granite waterhole self portrait, Vedauwoo Rocks, Wyoming

So I did and it was spectacular! Huge pink granite boulders shrouded in snow and mist. I camped at a beautiful free National Forest campsite and when I woke up the next morning, the sun was out and the snow was soon gone. The dogs and I spent the morning climbing boulders and circumnavigating Turtle Rock, off trail, using the Colorado Rockies to the south as my “handrail” to guide me through the wilderness and back to my car.

Circling Turtle Rock, Vedauwoo Rocks, Wyoming

Free campsite in Medicine Bow National Forest, just north of Vedauwoo Rocks

Am I anywhere near a place you’ve been or have always wanted to see? Tell me! I’ll go anywhere at anytime on any whim and take you with me via the Blonde Coyote. Keep those great tips coming! On to Outlaw Cave… 🙂

Vedauwoo Rocks D.O.G., Colorado Rockies on the horizon

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16 Responses to Awesome Reader Tip of the Day: Vedauwoo Rocks, WY!

  1. Love the self portrait!

  2. Hi, I’m a new reader to your blog (came over from the Tiny House Blog) and have enjoyed going through your archives to find beautifully written treasures that take me away to places I’ve never been (but someday hope to go). However, I do have some questions about the linguistics of how you travel.
    1) How do you find free campsites? Is there an online/offline resource or do you just kind of stumble upon them?
    2) This one isn’t a question, just a request. I’d really be interested in reading more details about how you plan your trips. For example, do you plan your camping/lodging in advance or in your experience can you always just seem to find a local campground or NP to stay at? What about food, what are some of your go-to meals and snacks while on the road? Do you plan the hikes you want to do or wing it? What else goes into planning your trips? Again, just a request.
    3) Obviously you travel light, what are your staple clothing options? Specifically, do you have any low-cost tips for dressing for changes in climate as you travel.

    Again, I’m really enjoying your blog and can’t wait to see where you’ll be going next.

  3. These shots looked so beautiful! =)

  4. I had a feeling you’d like Vedauwoo! I’m so happy you made it there.

  5. Awesome shots. Love your hiking buddy.

  6. Since you are taking requests — I’ve been long curious about Wyoming’s rock art. I’ve read there is some, but I don’t know much else. Are you near any? Thanks.

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  9. isomorphismes says:

    So you’ve probably already been there — but spend a lot of time in Custer State Park if you can. (Wyoming/SD border — near Rushmore)

    And Teddy Roosevelt nat’l Park. (couple hours west of Fargo)

  10. isomorphismes says:

    hey if you are in/near Kentuckiana anytime until October, let me know. I would love to go down to Red Rocks / Mammoth with you. (I think 12 years ago we did not share an interest in hiking)

  11. mike ritsch says:

    Readind a book titled a short history of nearly eyerything by bill bryson where he mentions bone cabin quarry i google it and find your story about. Also enjoyed your other articles.regards mike

  12. Geoff says:

    love the blog…

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