Work of Art: Alligator Wrangling in English Castles


My Sister, at work

This morning, I got the following email from my sister:

So if there was a painting of you wrangling an alligator in the grand stairwell of Kingston Lacey, and it was published in American Art Collector, would you want your name associated with it? You are wearing a dress, sorry about that bit, I know its not really your style. Let me know, I have to title it today. Hope all is good! Sarah

My reply: I’d be honored!

Sarah makes her living as a painter — canvasses, not houses. These photos are from her studio in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, which she converted herself from a run down room in a century-old barn. Check out her exquisite portfolio at Christmas is coming! Feed starving artists! Not big boxes! 😉

I spy... a bear!

I spy… a bear!

Fletcher's Happy Place!

Fletcher’s Happy Place!

Sarah's Paint Palette- a work of art in itself!

Sarah’s Paint Palette- a work of art in itself!

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6 Responses to Work of Art: Alligator Wrangling in English Castles

  1. AngO says:

    Best studio space ever!

  2. What a wonderful and creative family you have!

  3. knotrune says:

    She’s very good! 🙂 Do we get to see the painting?

  4. Looking forward to seeing the Alligator Wrestling painting.

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