On the Road, Again: South Florida!

Jellyfish, catching the sunset

Jellyfish, catching the sunset

We’re off! Driving south, as far south as we can go… to Key West! I road tripped to south Florida and the Keys on one of my winter breaks back in college. I planned to camp, but I was so scared of the alligators that I slept in my car! We’ll definitely be camping out on this trip, now that Drew and I are both certified alligator wranglers! No Teardrop. We’re road tripping the old fashioned way: two people, three dogs, one Honda Element. Stay tuned for posts from Savannah, the Serpentarium, the Everglades and the Keys!

Mary vs. Alligator. I won!

Mary vs. Alligator. I won!

Last time I road tripped through Florida, I barely survived the worst hike of my life. Read my previous post Leon Sinks: Worst. Hike. Ever!

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11 Responses to On the Road, Again: South Florida!

  1. RoSy says:

    Glad YOU won!

  2. Great picture – the jelly – like a golden medallian and then you like the Crock Hunter! Go girl! – Renee

  3. My family of four hit the road in the Summer of 2006 for the trip of a lifetime. We traversed the country in a minivan towing a pop-up trailer. It was a great summer. Reading your posts brought back some great memories! http://www.blogspot.hazzardfamily.com

  4. fhazzard says:

    Wrong URL in the last post: http://www.hazzardfamilly.blogspot.com.

  5. Angela Bryans says:

    If you take I-75 on your way back north please email me.

    I have enjoyed your post so much I feel I owe you something

    My husband I would like to take the two of you out to lunch or dinner. Maybe we could be the stranger of the day. We live in Gainesville, FL.

    • Hi Angela! Thanks so much for the offer. It would be great to meet you and share a meal. If we come back that way, I’ll let you know. Depending on how long we lay on the beach, we might have to book it home fast on I-95… Thanks for reading! M

  6. Looking forward to new blogs/photos! Carol

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    Always love seeing alligators!

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