On the Road, Again: To New Mexico!

Gracie Takes a Swim

Gracie Takes a Swim on Long Point

Ok, I know I’m about to throw you guys for a loop, seeing as I’ve been writing about the Keys, but I’m long gone from Florida, on the road to New Mexico! The Raven, the Rattler, the dogs and I have been having an awesome trip across Middle America, driving the kinds of back country roads where everybody waves.

I started off in Pennsylvania, stopped for one last weekend in Virginia, then got delayed for three days by a snowstorm in West Virginia! Lucky for me, I got to ride out the storm with family, by a warm fire, in one of my favorite small towns: Fayetteville, West Virginia. My cousin Elizabeth – check out her delightful design blog the Mustard Ceiling – and I got out for a lovely hike to Long Point on the New River Gorge. It was a grey day, but that bridge is beautiful in any weather!

Long Point Opferkessels

Long Point Opferkessels

Long Point D.O.G.

Long Point D.O.G.

For more on the New River Gorge check out my previous posts: Thrills and Spills at the New River Gorge and Bridge Day: Extreme Sports and Extreme Eating. Stay tuned for posts from yet another cross-country trip!

The Raven & the Rattler on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

The Raven & the Rattler on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

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8 Responses to On the Road, Again: To New Mexico!

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Mary, welcome back to the road. Dose your teardrop have a heater in it. Its still cold in New Mexico.

    • Nah, no heater. But it’s insulated and I have four sleeping bags and two big furry dogs. I’ve slept soundly through some really really cold nights on the road. Besides, the house in Virginia doesn’t have heat either!

  2. It’s amazing how much mileage you put down. Great for you!

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  4. I can’t blame you for wanting to come back to New Mexico. It truly is the Land of Enchantment! The weather has been great and I rode my horse here in the Sandia Mountains on Friday, wearing only a t-shirt! It was 74F degrees in March! Beautiful day! Beautiful trails!


  5. Hi Mary – I was excited to hear that you are on your way back to New Mexico. As always, the weather in spring is extremely variable – as noted by the above comments. We just got back from a weekend of Pony camping at Villanueva State Park. I think that is a little too tame for you, but we love being able to camp right by the Pecos River and hike to the top of the mesas. Happy traveling. Carol

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