Free National Park Day Saturday!


Backpacking in the Grand Canyon

Backpacking in the Grand Canyon

Hey everybody! In case you haven’t heard, in celebration of National Public Lands Day, admission to all National Parks is free this Saturday! The day is intended as a volunteer day so do your part by picking up trash or joining a trail crew at a National Park, National Monument (like Tent Rocks), National Seashore (Assateague Island), or National Historic Place (Chaco Canyon).

Admission fees to individual parks usually run $15 and up and an America the Beautiful year-long pass is $80. I’ve bought a pass every year since college and I always get my money’s worth.

My Sister at Chaco Canyon

My Sister at Chaco Canyon

I hope you all get out and see more of the World this weekend! Enjoy!

Devil's Garden at Arches National Park

Devil’s Garden at Arches National Park

For more information on volunteering, visit

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6 Responses to Free National Park Day Saturday!

  1. akmccue says:

    And don’t forget that tremendous bargain, a lifetime pass for seniors for only $20!

    • Bea says:

      Oh did it go up ? I only paid $10 for my life time card in May! What a great gift to be 65 and spent May Tear Drop trekking through GC and The Pacific North West, camp grounds were only $5 and $10 (the ones that took the pass)!

  2. I may be at Denali National Park then!

  3. mickymouton says:

    currently struggling with some brain surgery but looking forward to returning to the Tasmanian wilderness before our southern autumn begins. but love reading of your GC travels many of which are highly reminiscent of Central Australian tracks and trails.

  4. Love your photos here of some of my favorite places. Hard to believe it has been almost a year since we backpacked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Best always…. Carol

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