Snow Day Hike!

Every day, no matter the weather, I get out for a walk. Yesterday was no exception. We’re in the midst of the first snowstorm of the winter here in Cerrillos and the desert has never been lovelier. The dogs were adorably delighted by the snow and we headed out on one of my favorite loops up and across the backyard cliffs. Here’s to getting out, even when you’re snowed in!

Snowy juniper on the climb up the backyard cliffs

Snowy Cerrillos

Bowie overlooking our big snowy backyard

Crossing paths: birds and rabbit

Windblown clifftop

Snowy arroyos below, my house left of center

Icy Cholla Cactus

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Mary Caperton Morton is a freelance science and travel writer with degrees in biology and geology and a master’s in science writing. A regular contributor to EARTH magazine, where her favorite beat is the Travels in Geology column, she has also written for the anthologies Best Women's Travel Writing 2010 and Best Travel Writing 2011. Mary is currently based in western Colorado. When she’s not at the computer she can usually be found outside -- hiking, skiing, climbing mountains and taking photographs. Visit her website at
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8 Responses to Snow Day Hike!

  1. hello100blog says:

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  2. seekraz says:

    I agree with you that we should still get out there with the snow and cold…as I live closer to “town” than you do, I find that the harsher weather keeps many people off the trails…so I get all the splendor to myself! Again, beautiful pictures! Thank you. 🙂

    • Winter is my second favorite hiking season (after fall). It’s so lovely and I usually have the trails all to myself. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on my Ode to Gaiters- my all time favorite winter hiking gear!

      • seekraz says:

        Yes, I love the fall hiking also…and I will stay tuned for the Gaiter special…I just got a pair myself a couple weeks ago and absolutely LOVE them!!

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