Christmas in Colmar

Colmar Christmas Canal

Last time I visited Europe, it was August and everywhere was hot and crowded. This time, I’m here for Christmas and winter is quiet and lovely. Europeans are big on Christmas, nowhere more so than Colmar, France. Colmar is only a short bus ride over the Rhine from where my sister lives in Freiburg, Germany. We spent the whole day there today, relishing the Weinachtsmarkt – Christmas Market – which runs through New Years. This town puts Macy’s to shame!

Colmar, on the border with southern Germany, was never bombed so most of the town still dates to the 17th century

Colmar Weinachtsmarket Stand

Fragile Weinachtsmarkt Stand

My favorite stand. I'm still looking for the perfect portable chess set. I have a cheap one, but I'd love to find a handcrafted set that doesn't take up too much room in my car!

Cathedral View

Colmar Colors

Quiet street in Colmar- Once you get a block or two away from the Weinachtsmarkt, things get much quieter

Colmar Canal


More deliciousness.

Even more deliciousness! We didn't buy a lot of trinkets, but we all ate plenty of food!

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  1. seekraz says:

    I lived in Germany for many years…always loved Christmastime over there…rich culture…such visual memories, thank you.

    • Where did you live in Germany? My sister will be here for several years (her husband is in medical school) and I’m looking forward to returning and exploring more!

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