Akubra Lament

Me & My Akubra in the Grand Canyon

Well I think I finally have to admit it: I lost my hat. My beloved Akubra Snowy River hat is gone. Where? I have no idea. After weeks of searching, asking, retracing my route over several hundred miles of roads and dozens of miles of trails, it’s still nowhere.

My Akubra on a head-sized chunk of petrified wood

The only place I can think it might have gone is with the wind. Maybe I set it down outside, forgot about it, and the wind carried it away. I’m heartbroken, but there are worse ways to lose something you love than to the desert winds.

Akubra Shadow Self Portrait in New Mexico

Hopefully it’s still out there, traveling without me. Maybe someday, it’ll blow back into my life. I wonder what the chances are that I can find another vintage Akubra in my size for a fraction of the new retail price… Do you hear me, Universe?! Show me some more of that magic!

Me & My Akubra on the summit of Grand Central Mountain in New Mexico

Check out my previous post Akubra Love on how I found my perfect hat.

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25 Responses to Akubra Lament

  1. Rachael says:

    I ‘liked’ the post but I am not sure that was the right word. Sorry for your loss! A good hat is hard to find and harder to work in properly.

  2. Pat Bean says:

    I lost the one and only hat I ever really liked, a Greek sailor’s cap, in the Snake River. I understand your loss.

  3. The Pal Guy says:

    Interesting post. It is always great to discover the outdoors. There is always so much to see and experience.

  4. What a terrible loss, I will keep a lookout over here in England in case it picks up the jet stream!!

  5. Gunta says:

    My husband had a hat like yours (sent to him by my godmother in Brisbane). We went on vacation and somehow our Akita managed to get it and ate it…. so sad. I STILL think about that hat and that was some 20 years ago. I definitely feel your loss!

  6. mas loed says:

    such a nice hat , sorry for your loss, but i’m sure now that nice hat would have a travel for it own journey… 🙂

  7. Oh that’s too bad. I prefer a hat with a wider brim all the way around, to keep the sun off of my face and neck. Most cowboy hats don’t do the job and only shade the eyes and not the entire face. They seem to be for looks more than function. I got my hat from REI. It’s not vintage, but it’s cool, comfortable, keeps my face protected, can be squished and even stomped on (ask my horse) and still keeps it’s shape, and it cost a fraction of those more expensive cowboy hats.

    Sure hope you can find a new hat that you like as much or that’s similar to the one you lost. And who knows, maybe miracles will happen for you.

    Tijeras, NM

  8. futuredoll says:

    Hope the universe is listening-I also get attached to hats, some clothes too.

  9. mjspringett says:

    I know that your beloved hat cannot be replaced, but try the Tilly Hat, they are a photographer’s dream, MJ

  10. LA Edwards says:

    sorry you lost your hat….

  11. coyotejoe says:

    i understand all too well… wishing it happy hat travels

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  13. suhas14 says:

    missing your hat big time i guess 😦

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  20. Alex says:

    You can get a new Akubra for less than $100 online, shipped from Australia.

  21. Dave L H says:

    Too bad, I found my snowy river on ebay unworn and cheap, I wear it daily for work and just about everything else, it enjoyed its travels to Canada and always gets admiring comments, hope you find a new one

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