There’s A Starman Waiting In The Sky

Bowie, Always an Angel

Friends and readers, I’m sorry to resurrect this blog with sad news, but I wanted to let you all know that I had to say goodbye to Bowie. He’d been having a hard time lately and he was ready to be free of his tired old body. Loss is hard but the end was as beautiful and graceful as it could be. We shared the best possible life together for 12 years and I’m just so grateful for so many moments, so many miles.

The very first shoe shot self portrait on top of Mary's Peak in Oregon.

Our very first shoe shot self portrait on top of Mary’s Peak in Oregon.

When Bowie brought home his protege, D.O.G., I’m sure he had these days in mind. I’m so thankful to have Dio keeping me company right now. He always worshipped his big brother and adopted all his best attributes. You’d never know Dio was once a wild dog and Bowie truly lives on in this amazing creature.


Someday I will write a book on everything I’ve learned from these dogs. Lately Dio has been teaching me about accepting loss and letting go. I brought him in to see Bowie after he was gone and Dio sniffed him and then looked at me with complete understanding and acceptance. Then he was ready to leave. Bowie is gone, life goes on, says the wise desert dog. Let’s go play in the snow and believe Bowie is bouncing around with us. I am blessed with the best dogs, living and spirit.

Powder Hound D.O.G.

Powder Hound D.O.G.

Thank you for all the love and support this community has shown Bowie, Dio and I on all our journeys. I am well and happy and in the best possible place to lose my best friend. Letting go is love. Grief is gratitude. Onward and upward!

Me & My Shadows

Me & My Shadows

Click here for a slide show of my Travels with Bowie & D.O.G: 12 years, 49 states, thousands of miles, so many moments… Here’s to the best possible life!

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Mary Caperton Morton is a freelance science and travel writer with degrees in biology and geology and a master’s in science writing. A regular contributor to EARTH magazine, where her favorite beat is the Travels in Geology column, she has also written for the anthologies Best Women's Travel Writing 2010 and Best Travel Writing 2011. Mary is currently based in western Colorado. When she’s not at the computer she can usually be found outside -- hiking, skiing, climbing mountains and taking photographs. Visit her website at
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49 Responses to There’s A Starman Waiting In The Sky

    • Susan Britt says:

      we so miss your stories – I cried when I read this – our dogs are our heart – he will never be replaced but I know there is room in your heart for more 4 legged companions – so happy that you have Dio to see you through – Hugs and good energy sent your way

  1. Soul Travellers… you will meet again.

  2. gaucho8782 says:

    I’m sheading tears for Bowie, what magnificent companion that lived a great life! RIP..Bowie He was blessed to have such a great owner like you Mary

  3. Sandra says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend. What a beautiful tribute.

    Tears for you and Dio

  4. Emily S says:

    So sorry…. they are truly family. 💕

  5. CW says:

    “We only part to meet again.” John Gay 1685-1732

  6. Bea Pludow says:

    Loss is always a personal journey, we all wish we will say the right thing and lessen the hurt. Im glad you allowed Dio to say Good Bye, I too have learned that is the best for the dogs and for us. Not knowing is harder. Hope we hear some more from you and Dio. Rest in Freedom Bowie ! Mary, Enjoy your own Freedom where ever you may be.

  7. Joseph Baker says:

    My sympathy at your loss as i recently lost my Lucky. A better friend there will never be. Blessings to you and yours.

  8. Paula says:

    My condolences…thank you for sharing. Paula

  9. So sorry for your loss. Bowie was beautiful.

  10. Cassie Lien says:

    So sorry for your loss. Know that you gave Bowie the best possible life a dog could ever hope for.

  11. All souls are forever. It’s hard to find words for such friendship, but your stories shared with these two are a joy to read.

  12. Gordon Howe says:

    So sorry for your loss and to hear that Bowie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

  13. Thanks for sharing. He was a good dog.

  14. steven joly says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss,yet I’m glad to hear from you.May all your journey be wondrous.

  15. Tina says:

    I am so deeply sorry Mary, what a wonderful life he had. Big hug to you during this difficult time.

  16. Carrie says:

    So glad to hear from you. My thoughts are with you in this time of transition.

  17. Ross says:

    Sorry for your loss, Ms. Morton; welcome back!

  18. Joe Radomski says:

    Awww… sorry to hear that. I had not seen anything by you in awhile and just looked in on your page a couple of days ago. We lost a fur baby a few months ago. Safe journies to you.

  19. shazza says:

    Deeply sorry Mary.I have enjoyed reading yours and the doggies travel adventures.He was a very lucky boy.Glad Dio is doing

  20. mtnsummergirl says:

    What a beautiful tribute. I love the quote “grief is gratitude”. Keeping you, Bowie, and D.O.G. in my thoughts. 💗

    • A friend asked me to unpack that “Grief is gratitude” statement a little. There’s a lot of feeling in those three words. I am learning that grief comes in waves of gratitude. As in, the most overwhelming part of this loss is the sheer, quaking appreciation I have for that being and our time together. We loved each other perfectly for 12 years and traveled freely and widely. always in grace and safety. What a gift Bowie was! I am so blessed, it’s ridiculous.

  21. Stephen Powell says:

    My condolences. A wonderful dog.

  22. sixmilepress says:

    My condolences. A wonderful dog.

  23. Carole says:

    So so sorry, know how it feels like part of you left, too.

  24. pmdello says:

    I have missed your blog posts but understand why you let it rest. Thank you for resurrecting it to let everyone know about Bowie.

  25. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, but so grateful that you and your shadow had so many wonderful times together! You were a blessing for Bowie, just as he had been one for you.

    There’s a brief but beautiful writing called, “The Rainbow Bridge”. I highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling the loss of a furry friend. Here’s the link:

    I hope it brings you some comfort until you and Bowie can see one another again! Rest assured that he’s always with you–even now, it’s just that you may not be able to see him at the moment!

    With Love,


  26. I’m sorry for your loss. A life of love and adventure and to pass with dignity among friends seems a nirvana for our canine friends. Peace.

  27. jennlives says:

    I’m really sorry for the loss of your boy.. I’ve been reading your blog for a really long time.. Hits my heart for you.. ❤

  28. Kristin says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Bowie. Thank you for letting us know. What a wonderful life he had!

  29. Kenneth Conley says:

    Sorry for your loss, it is never easy losing a best friend ☹️️

  30. Andy says:

    Was pleased to hear from you again, but then I read the circumstances 😦

  31. Happy to see a post from you and know that you are well. So sorry to hear that Bowie is gone. Even though he will always be in your heart and memories, I do understand the void that is left. Clifford and I are now road-tripping for 8 to 9 months of the year, the winter being the long 6-month trip. You were an inspiration to us! I will always enjoy seeing blogs/photos from you. Wishing you the very best, Carol: from New Mexico to Idaho and now to wherever.

  32. Tony F says:

    Bravo. You’ve always had a great head on your shoulders. You sound healthy. I am sorry for your lost. Hope to hear more from you. Keep the wind in your face…

  33. ritaroberts says:

    Hi Mary, What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful Bowie .And what a lovely way you have of coping with such a huge loss. Dio will grieve with you, but I am sure you will help each other through this sadness . Bowie will continue in your hearts with you on future journeys. Keep smiling and take care.

  34. paulaacton says:

    I am sorry for your loss, I said farewell to my old man last year at almost 17 years old and still find myself occasionally calling him in with the other furries, they teach us so much and ask so little in return

  35. Stephanie Cook says:

    Mary, your writing and photographs are as beautiful and inspirational as ever. I’ve missed your blog but am glad to know that you are well. Coping with a couple of big losses myself these days, one human, one feline. People who can love animals so deeply truly are blessed. Best to you.

  36. So sad to hear, but you will always have a place for him in your heart and mind.

  37. Pit says:

    I’m so sorry of your loss, but for Bowie it certainly is better to have crossed the rainbow bridge. Thanks for letting us know, and for that great post about him. We’ll never forget him, and my thoughts are with you,
    P.S.: Way too many of the four-legged friends I got to know in blogs have crossed the rainbow bridge lately. Makes this pre-Christmas season too sad.

  38. Slade Brewer says:

    Friend and great companion. Wonderful years, tough to part.

  39. Tears are streaming down my face as I type this – even when it is time to say goodbye, it is still so difficult. Grief is gratitude. I love that. I will keep that in mind, as my dear friend and favorite running, hiking companion is increasingly showing his age and slowing down, as he celebrates his 11th birthday next month. They do remind us to live in the moment, and to make peace with our past and continue moving forward. I look forward to reading your book some day, just as I have enjoyed reading your posts and adventures with Dio and Bowie for several years now. Give Dio my best, and enjoy the moments ahead.

  40. Rick says:

    I am sorry that your pet went to the bridge, well I believe the story and maybe you do to. Although I totally hate when the time comes but we both know it’s a necessity in both our lives, and I hope you continue on your journey with your pets

    Dogs, lives are short, too short, but you know that going in. You know the pain is coming, you’re going to lose a dog, and there’s going to be great anguish, so you live fully in the moment with her, never fail to share her joy or delight in her innocence, because you can’t support the illusion that a dog can be your lifelong companion. There’s such beauty in the hard honesty of that, in accepting and giving love while always aware that it comes with an unbearable price. Maybe, loving dogs is a way we do penance for all the other illusions we allow ourselves and the mistakes we make because of those illusions.”

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  42. ziggy5939 says:

    Wow I almost had to say goodbye to my dog I felt bad but she’s still going strong at 11
    ( ps nice name I think if have kids mainly a boy I’ll name him Bowie

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  44. Lavinia Ross says:

    I am just catching up with you now, as no notifications came through from WP. I am sorry for your loss of Bowie, and glad he still lives on through his companion Dio.

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