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The Art of the Road Trip:

Boondocking 101: How To Camp For Free In Beautiful Places

Boondocking Part 2: Finding A Sweet Free Campsite

Boondocking Part 3: Leave No Trace!

How To Plan A Killer Road Trip! Part 1: Route Finding

How To Plan A Killer Road Trip! Part 2: $$$

How To Plan A Killer Road Trip! Part 3: Copilots

How To Plan A Killer Road Trip! Part 4: Packing

How To Plan A Killer Road Trip! Part 5: Tips & Tricks

Roadtripping Rules!

Travel Writing & Photography:

A Conspiracy of Ravens

A Friend In Wounded Knee

A Jackpot Day At McAfee Knob

A Long Weekend Among the Collegiate Peaks

A Peruvian Thanksgiving

A Place That I Used To Know

A Productive Afternoon On the James River Rock

A Special Auction

A Teardrop Is Born

A Very Madrid Christmas!

Adventures With Amy

Akubra Lament

Akubra Love

Akubra Upgrade!

All Coy-Dogs Go To Heaven

Alligator Wrangling in English Castles

All Seasons: VA/AT

All Seasons: Otis Cove Cabin, Maine

All Seasons: Shenandoah, Virginia

All Seasons: Tucquan Glen, Pennsylvania

All-time Top 5 Favorite Hikes

Always Eat Local: Ontario Orchards

Another City, Another Cathedral-Eye View

Another Earthship

Another Earthship: Let the Sun Shine In

Another Way To Fly

Appalachian Trail: Crossing Paths

Appalachian Trail: the Devil’s Marbleyard to the James River

Appalachian Trail: First Signs of Fall

Appalachian Trail: Glorious Grayson Highlands!

Appalachian Trail: (Not So) Wild Ponies

Appalachian Trail: Rain Or Shine

Art Runs in the Family

Aspens & Arborglyphs

Babes in the Woods: Shenandoah, Virginia

Back to the Blonde Coyote

Back To Utah & A Big Thank You To Wilson Electronics!

Bare Bones, Skulls & Skeletons

Beach Babes

Because It’s There

Ben & Jerry’s: A Pilgrimage

The Best For Last

Best Hikes on Earth: Dragon’s Back

Best Hikes on Earth: Mary’s Peak

Best Hikes on Earth: Tent Rocks

Bisti Badlands

Black Canyon of the Gunnison: Into the Abyss & Back Up Again

Blue Bowl Day

Boondocking 101: How To Camp For Free In Beautiful Places

Boondocking Part 2: Finding A Sweet Free Campsite

Boondocking Part 3: Leave No Trace!

Bridge Day 2012: Extreme Sports & Extreme Eating

Cairns Across America

Canadian Bulls & Broncs

Capitol Reef & the Waterpocket Fold

Capturing the Tallest Trees on Earth

Castles in the Rain

Cedarvale Ghost School

Cerrillos Sunset

Christmas in Colmar

Classic Gas Museum

Climbing Cabezon

Cloud Watching

Clouds & Crowds on Grey’s & Torrey’s

Colorado Gators!

Conquering IKEA

Cowboy Polo

Cowboys Are My Weakness

Coyotes Beware

Crossing Montana: Castle Valley

Crossing Montana: Gathering Storm

Crossing Paths: Bobcat

Crossing Paths: Critters on the AT

Crossing Paths: The Grizz

Crossing Paths: Jurassic Park

Crossing Paths: Tarantula!

Dead Horses of Dead Horse Point

Desert Treasure

Desert Treasure: Bowling Lane

Desert Treasure: Red Wreck

Desert Treasure: Tres Piedras Cabins

The Devil’s Rope

Dog, Memory

Earth Day Love Letter: Tent Rocks!

Eureka Bulls & Broncs

Everglades, Part 1: Nearly Stranded in the Picayune Strand

Everglades Part 2: Swamp Safari! 

Explosions in the Sky: Canyonlands Thunderstorm

Explosions in the Sky: Pawnee National Grasslands

The Extraterrestrial Highway

Falling For Niagara Falls

Fathers & Authors

Filly Lost & Found

Finding D.O.G.

Fire in the Rock

Flash Flood!

For Sale: Dinosaur Bone Cabin, Believe It Or Not…

Free National Park Weekend!

Friday Night Lights Over Alamosa

Friends in High Places: Ecuador

Galisteo Love Letter

Ghosts of Outlaws Past

Good Eats: Europe

The Grand Canyon, Revisited

Grand Canyon Birthday Trek: AZ Road Trip! 

Grand Canyon Birthday Trek: Planning & Permits

Grand Canyon Birthday Trek: Trail Cooking Guest Post

Grand Canyon Birthday Trek: Winter Backpacking

Grand Canyon: A Preview

Grand Canyon: Day 1- Hermit Trail

Grand Canyon: Day 2- Monument Creek to the Colorado River

Grand Canyon: Day 3- the Tonto Bench & the Weight of Water

Grand Canyon: Day 4- Plateau Point

Grand Canyon: Day5 5- Bright Angel Snowstorm!

Grand Canyon: Havasu! 

Grand Canyon: Havasu to the Colorado River

Grasslands Treasure: Old Dodge

Green & Grassy Colorado!

Hail to the Golden Gate!

Happy Birthday Hike: Old Rag!

Happy Birthday, Machu Picchu!

Healing Horses

Here, Fishy Fishy Fishy!

High Points on My Horizon: Wheeler & Walter

Hiking In Hunting Season

Hiking To the Ends of the Earth

Hiking With Dogs

Home Sweet Teardrop

Hovenweep National Monument

How Walkable Is Your Town?

I Brake For Turtles

I Heart Colorado

Into the Ojito Wilderness!

Introducing the Handoff Hike!

Is This Heaven? No, it’s the Adirondacks! 

Lessons Learned from a 99-cent Poncho

Let It Snow!

Little Horse Canyon & Goblin Valley

Little Houses on the Prairie

Long Adventure Weekend

The Loneliest Road In America

Losing Middle America

The Lost & Found Coast

Maine Winter, Revisited

May Your Boulders Be Your Blessings

Mega-Icicles & Microspikes

Moab’s World Famous Rock Shop!

Monsters of Navajoland

Mortons in Europe, Part 1

The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go

Must Love Mountains

My Billy the Kid Connection

My Blonde Coyote

My Favorite Mountain

My Favorite Rock

My Fifth Great Lake

My First Air Travel Fiasco

My Intro To Alligator Wrangling!

My Perfect Belt

My Sister in New Mexico

My Teardrop on the Tiny House Blog!

My Top Five Hikes of All-Time

The New

New Mexico Is Burning

New Mexico Is Burning: Aftermath

New Mexico Is Still Burning 

New Year, New Gear

Nice Cabin, Mr. President

No Bad Weather: Moab, Utah

Not All Blogs That Wander Are Lost

(Not) Montezuma’s Castle

(Not So) Delicate Arch

(Not So) Wild Ponies of Virginia’s Grayson Highlands

North Dakota Is Beautiful!

Now & Then

Ode to Gaiters

Ode To Kansas

Off the Island, Onto the Water: Key West Sunset Sail!

Oh, Canada: Alaskan Highway Safari, Part 1!

Oh, Canada: Alaskan Highway Safari, Part 2!

Oh, Canada: By the Numbers

Oh, Canada: Friends in High Places

Oh, Canada: Hiking Joffre Lakes

Oh, Canada: The Iceline Trail & An Unexpected Obstacle

Oh, Canada: The Incredible Shrinking Athabasca

Oh, Canada: The Lost Art of Hitchhiking

Oh, Canada: Sign Post Forest

Oh, Canada: Whistler Races & Wrecks

One Fine Day, Two Hikes: Pecos Mountains & Cerrillos Desert

On the Road, Again: Arizona & Route 66

On the Road, Again: California

On the Road, Again: California By the Numbers

On the Road, Again: Colorado

On the Road, Again: Nebraska!

On the Road, Again: PA to VT!

On the Road, Again: PA to VT, By the Numbers

On the Road, Again: Southern New Mexico Loop

On Turning 30

Only In Nevada…

Oregon Green

Oregon Trail Ruts, Pioneer Graffiti & the Pony Express

Pacific Drifter

Packing For Backpacking

Packing For Backpacking: Shenandoah

Pow! Wow!

The Power of the Sun, In My Teardrop!

Professional Housesitter, At Your Service…

Rattlesnake Season Continues…

Rattlesnake vs. D.O.G.

Rattlesnake Wrangling!

Rattlesnake Wrangling Update!

Respects to James Dean

Return to Rockinghorse

Road Closed? Park and Walk! Just Watch Out For Moose! 

Rock of Ages

Rodeo Americana

Rodeo Americana: Part 2

Rolling Bones on San Antonio Dome

Rover Love

Santa Fe Christmas!

Savannah Walkabout

Searching for Outlaw Cave

See As Many Sunrises As Possible


7 Hours in LA: Best layover ever!

7-Mile Bridge Walk

Shadow Self-Portraits

The Sierras: Satanic Basalt, Godly Granite & Trees Older Than the Written Word

Snow Day Hike!

Snowshoe: Deception Peak

Snowstorm in Great Sand Dunes!

Spelunking the Sinks of Gandy

Spring in Longwood Gardens

Stone Mountain: North Carolina’s Mini-Yosemite

Striking Desert Treasure

Sunday Visiting

Supervolcano Trail Ride! 

The Suffer Fest

The Sun Temple

Tahoe Hospitality

Tahoe Really Is That Blue!

Tarantulas On the March

Teardrop Dreams

Teardrop Sees America

Teardrop Trouble

Teardrop Upgrades

Thrills & Spills in West Virginia’s New River Gorge

Tilting At Windmills

Trail Signs

Travels in Geology: Hike to the Burgess Shale

Travels in Geology: Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Travels With Bowie and D.O.G.

Trespassing in Canyon de Chelly

Tweeting A Top Ten Sunset

Urban Exploring: Santa Fe

Urban Exploring on Election Day: Philadelphia

Urban Petroglyphs & Geologic Unrest

Utah in Winter

Vedauwoo Rocks, Wyoming

Victory Meals!

View From the Bell Tower

Viva Las Vegas!

Walking Maine Winter

The Weight of Water

The Weight of Water: Desert Deluge

When We Were Young

Where We Love Is Home

The White Mountains, Before the Flames

Wild Rhode Island?

Wonderful Life: Hike to the Burgess Shale

Worst Hike Ever: Leon Sinks

Writing on the Wall: Freiburg, Germany

Writing on the Wall: Flagstaff, Arizona

Writing on the Wall: Navajoland

Writing on the Wall: San Francisco/ MOMA vs. Graffiti

Writing on the Wall: Sego Canyon, Utah

Writing on the Wall: Utah Petroglyphs

Xmas 2011: Photos for Friends

Xmas Ice Axe!

The Yolk of the Coal Apple

Travels with Bowie & D.O.G.





Cape Cod

Coast to Coast


Fall Dogs

Great Lakes

Great Plains

Las Vegas, Nevada

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula


New Hampshire

New Mexico





West Virginia

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  3. You ought to join in a contest for starters with the highest quality blogs online. I will recommend this page!

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  6. robert beddingfield says:

    Hi there. I love your blog. Oh my goodness, the life you live…thanks for sharing it with us. I can’t find the series of pictures showing the construction of the Tear Drop. I’ve told someone about it and now I can’t come up with the pics. I wondered if there’s anyway you could point me in the right direction? I know how busy you must be so if this is too much to ask I’ll understand. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful stories and experiences. I can’t wait for the next trip.

  7. Lana Yager says:

    I absolutely love everything about your blog and the fabulous life you’re living! You are living my dream! I hope to do what you’re doing 4 years from now when I retire from teaching! You go girl!!! Literally! I saw a photo of the teardrop you had made in Nebraska. I live in Nebraska. Does your builder still make these? I am very interested in having one made like yours. Would you mind sharing his information? If so, please
    email it to I grew up raising horses, lived in Wyoming for a time, love photography and painting, and even housesit for friends. My best childhood friend even had a coyote-mix dog named Snookie. Crazy, isn’t it? May your travels continue to be so amazing! Stay safe!

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  18. Anna says:

    That photo is fantastic!

  19. Pingback: Finding D.O.G. | Travels with the Blonde Coyote

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